Kaizen Office

Our clients will benefit significantly from agile, simplified and standardised processes, structures and approaches. Our unique methodology will enable our clients to benefit from emerging technology and industry trends to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. The Kaizen Office is the final phase of Netforte’s continuous improvement portfolio. Implementation of a Kaizen Office will advance our clients’ capabilities, improve time-to-market, increase quality levels, control costs and, perhaps most importantly, deliver business growth projects.


A very beneficial and insightful exercise undertaken by Netforte

Monika Plocke | CIO Nordea

 We have realised immediate, substantial and continuous cost savings and service improvements with Netforte

David Maguire | Head of Service Operations Vodafone

Netforte’s Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) team is awesome

Andre Michael | Middleware & Interfaces Manager Netrada