Efficiency Based Scorecard

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Efficiency Based Scorecard

The Rapid Efficiency Assessment results in the compilation of a collection of established metrics created by our expert assessors. The foundation of the Efficiency Based Scorecard (eBSC) is our pioneering ITEM methodology and this is presented to the client in a series of workshops. The eBSC will detail the evolution paths our client follows, in order to achieve cost efficiencies across the organisation. In addition to this, areas of investment will be highlighted to promote growth.


A very beneficial and insightful exercise undertaken by Netforte

Monika Plocke | CIO Nordea

 We have realised immediate, substantial and continuous cost savings and service improvements with Netforte

David Maguire | Head of Service Operations Vodafone

Netforte’s Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) team is awesome

Andre Michael | Middleware & Interfaces Manager Netrada