Integrated Functions

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Integrated Functions (IF)

Netforte’s Integrated Functions (IF) represents our entry level Managed Services offering.

Integrated Functions typically comprise of a small group of high value, multi-faceted and flexible resources under the direct supervision of our clients. At our client’s request, we perform speedy and rigorous market labour and talent tests to secure the most productive, high quality and cost effective resources.
Our clients define the role, skill sets, budgets, working location(s) and the number of Netforte resources needed and our clients will also drive the activity undertaken by those resources day-to-day giving.


A very beneficial and insightful exercise undertaken by Netforte

Monika Plocke | CIO Nordea

Netforte’s Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) team is awesome

Andre Michael | Middleware & Interfaces Manager Netrada

 We have realised immediate, substantial and continuous cost savings and service improvements with Netforte

David Maguire | Head of Service Operations Vodafone