Kaizen Services

Our kaizen services are uniquely delivered through the following 3 techniques:

Improvement Empowered

Netforte Kaizen Services® will transform any reactive environment of challenges to a harmonised environment of partnerships through the delivery of continuous improvement. The activities provisioned through this unique service result in constant and sustainable change for the better and will bridge cross organisational boundaries.

Our Kaizen Services take your organisation through the following 3-tier structure

  • Kaizen Evaluation (KE)
  • Kaizen Grading System (KGS)
  • Kaizen Office (KO)

As a prerequisite to the 3-tier structure above, we will establish with our clients the boundaries of the Kaizen Evaluation through our Discovery exercise. Choose Netforte’s Kaizen Services and achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Contact us for more information.

 We have realised immediate, substantial and continuous cost savings and service improvements with Netforte

David Maguire | Head of Service Operations Vodafone

A very beneficial and insightful exercise undertaken by Netforte

Monika Plocke | CIO Nordea

Netforte’s Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) team is awesome

Andre Michael | Middleware & Interfaces Manager Netrada

Sustainable Efficiency

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