Transformation & Agility


Our  e-commerce client was experiencing reduced times to market of their products and services. The late and/or limited delivery of or new and critical business functionality meant that our clients were being limited in the range of products and services they could offer and from which they could generate revenues.


Netforte deployed a team of highly skilled Architects to re-engineer and transform our clients IT architecture to a modern/best practices SOA (Service Orientated Architecture). The modernised and newly implemented SOA not only meant the introduction of new technologies, but also the introduction of new methodologies in business analysis, development, infrastructure and support.


Our clients deployment times of new business functionality reduced dramatically due to streamlined development and quality processes. Scalable processes and technology platforms meant a reduced cost base due the ability to rapidly scale up and/or down infrastructure and make use of common code bases. System uptimes and stability levels increased, improving the customer experience and leading to revenue increase.

“ Netforte’s Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) team is awesome”

Andre Michael | Middleware and Interfaces Manager Netrada